Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page!

Why did you stop using PayPal?
PayPal charges sellers 3 to 5% on each transaction. This very high commission covers the cost of managing customers' bank cards and is supposed to provide protection to the seller in the event of disputes with a customer. As you probably know, PayPal guarantees full refund of your purchase in the event of a problem with a seller. 

What you may not know is that this protection lasts for 180 days! As soon as a claim is opened, PayPal debits the merchant's bank account without notice while the claim is being processed. Any transaction made during the last 180 days can therefore be refunded.

But it doesn't end there: PayPal has never defended our interests as a company and has always confirmed requested refunds, even in cases of absolutely abusive behavior (return of goods after months of use, returned materials that were broken, customer's lack of income during the COVID-19 pandemic, etc.).

In short, this sword of Damocles hanging over our business is no longer acceptable. We have therefore decided to opt for payment solutions that protect us against these abusive refund requests.

Q: Do I need a phone carrier or plan to use an illusion with my phone?
A: No, you don’t need a phone carrier to use our products with a phone or tablet. You don’t even need a phone number because it uses a Bluetooth signal created independently to connect to the illusion you purchase. As a result, the phone acts just as a receiver, nothing more. But, of course you can use your current phone with whatever plan you have chosen.

Q: Which Android watch should I buy?
A: It must be an Android WEAR watch. The Android phone or tablet must have a minimum of Bluetooth 4.0 and a minimum Android operating system version 6. After this, it is really a matter of taste. The watches available depend on from which country you are ordering.
Take a look for yourself. Scroll to the bottom of the page on the following link to see which are available where you live:

The watches function virtually identically. You can buy a round or rectangular face watch. The round watch face will have a rectangular screen. Only the extreme corners of the writing area will be eliminated. It is highly unlikely your spectator will write anything in this minuscule space.

Q: Psychic Miniboard, Mediumboard or Maxiboard: which one is best for me?
A: This is a matter of personal style and where you are performing. Due to its tiny size, the Miniboard is small enough to fit in your jacket or shirt pocket and lends itself easily to street or impromptu magic. Just plug-n-play.
A smaller venue will be served well by a medium Psychic Chalkboard or Whiteboard. While larger audiences will benefit from the maxi size. Due to the overall dimension, the Maxiboard performs best on an easel and not in the hands of a spectator.

Q: Psychic Chalkboard vs Whiteboard: which one is best for me?
A: This is mostly a matter of taste. Keep in mind the overall design of your show and your character. The Psychic Chalkboard is designed to quickly patinate for a vintage effect. It also will not create a glare in flash photography, under lights or on television.

The Psychic Whiteboard is a more contemporary-looking product and does not leave chalk residue on your hands.

Q: Do you sell spare or replacement parts?
A: It depends. Please email info@magikdata.com for prices and shipping of products like extra electronic pens, ink cartridges and paper refills, etc.

Q: Do you sell ungimmicked versions of your devices?
A: Yes. Please email info@magikdata.com for prices since these are not available through our online store.

Q: Do you charge for your apps?
A: Yes, we do charge a manageable fee for our apps to limit the visibility of curious consumers who have not purchased one of our products. The cost of watch apps is a direct result of how much we invested in their programming.

Q: How can I contact Fabrice?
A: Contact us here: info@magikdata.com