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And more particularly: David Copperfield, Siegfried & Roy, Criss Angel, Derren Brown, David Blaine, Teller, Banachek, Gerry McCambridge, Peter Turner, Gary Kurtz, Colin McLeod, Docc Hilford, Ali Bongo, Michael Weber, Juan Mayoral, Luis de Matos, Luke Jermay, Paul Cosentino, David Stone, Greg Gleason, Mister Maric, Frédéric Da Silva, Dominique Duvivier, Etienne Pradier, Folies Bergere, Dominique Webb, etc... 


Colin McLeod

    Arrived and works perfectly!! You're a genius! 

It's the most perfect and innocent solution to fit both my character's image and my real world requirements on stage.

Colin McLeod, UK   Visit his Facebook



    As a first time customer of Magikdata I can say that Fabrice's products are top notch and so is the customer service. I purchased FBS recently and was very happy with the product. Using the product is so easy that is gives the performer the feeling that they do really have ESP powers! In reality it fees up the performer to concentrate on their presentation. The product does require a very small and simple bit of audience management, but this is more than a fair trade off as there is no sleight of hand to practice with the product.

Andy Field, UK   Visit his website


Rodolphe Candela

    The Micro Reader 2 is a weapon of mass destruction. Simple, discreet, multipurpose and extremely powerful, it is a tool box on its own! You want the cleanest book test ever made? The MR2 is for you. You want to realize the most complicated and prodigious calculation ever made? The MR2 is for you. You want to realize the purest mind reading effects? The MR2 is for you. I’ve trusted Fabrice’s creations for 5 years, and I have to admit that an important part of my success belongs to him.

Rodolphe Candela

Rodolphe Candela is a multi award-winning French mentalist.  He won:
-  Silver Nostradamus in 2012, by the European Order of Mentalists. 
- “Best European Mentalist” finalist in 2014, by the European Order of Mentalists, 
- Robert Houdin Bronze Trophy in 2014, Silver in 2015 and Gold in 2016 at the International Mentalist Festival (“Mental Art Magie”).

Rodolphe Candela, France   Visit his Facebook


Kyle Sarocen

Fabrice’s PC4 is a fantastic Mentalist tool. I purchased mine in Blackpool 2015.

It looks completely innocent. Just a pad of paper, which is held by the clipboard with the standard bulldog clip. The pen looks like any other pen. Fabrice’s PC4 is in a realm of its own. It will leave your audience believing you’re a real Mind Reader and they will talk about your performance for years.  

Truly Mind Blowing and a reputation maker.

Kyle Sarocen, UK    Visit his Facebook


Jordan Murphy

    Fabrice’s Psychic Clipboard 4, is in my opinion, the pinnacle of electronic impression devices. The unit is elegant, seemless, innocent. Everything is hidden perfectly. Fabrice talked me through this at Blackpool 2015, it is genius, a true must have.

Jordan Murphy, UK   Visit his Facebook


  • VANISH magazine 15

The review written by Paul Romhany for VANISH MAGAZINE edition 15:   


   Without a doubt this is THE very best way for any mentalist to get a reading of an impression that a spectator has drawn on a large whiteboard. It is the very best transmitter on the market today! One of the great advantages is that it uses a regular whiteboard marker, unlike other versions wich try to copy a similar idea but using markers and pens that look odd. 

First of all you need to decide if you are going to use an iPhone or an Android. This will make a difference in the type of board you purchase. Fabrice is such a great person to deal with and always answers questions via email as quickly as possible. 

The version I got is for my iPhone and after watching the online instructions I was able to set it all up very easily. You will be tempted to get this working as soon as it arrives, but I do suggest taking the time to fully watch all the videos so you understand not only the set-up but also how to use the APP and open the back of the whiteboard. Another advantage is that it uses a rechargeable battery so you won't be spending money on replacing them each time you want to use it - just charge it up and you are ready to go. 

The technology and engineering that goes in to something like this is far too complicated for me to understand, however I love this type of device and quite frankly it's never failed me! The range is great. I can hand the board out to a spectator sitting in the audience and they will always be in range. The minute they start drawing I am able to see exactly what they are doing in real time. This is the very basic way to use this board, another way is to have four or five people each draw something then rub it out. At any time you have access via your iPhone or Android to look at what they have drawn. This is the strength of this effect giving some time between each drawing and when you choose to view images. 

It almost feels too easy but gives you powers that only somebody who can really read minds should have. With this you will get a password and access to over an hours worth of material by Docc Hilford. This is pure gold and takes this tool to new levels. Docc very rarely offer reviews on any other products so having his endorsement speaks volumes on the power of this. 
There are other versions if you view the website including a Mini Whiteboard and Medium Chalkboard. Personally I prefer the Maxi Whiteboard as it looks exactly like a regular whiteboard and the spectator has a lot of room to draw on. 

As far as transmitting devices go this is the very best and the top of he line. It is very well built and with care should last forever. It is designed and built by one of the very best in the business. With a price tag that keeps it out of the hands of amateurs this is being used by some of the leading performers of our time. 

Paul Romhani - VANISH MAGAZINE, Canada      Visit his website


Xavier Nicolas

   Fabrice, thank you for all your great ideas and creations that give me the opportunity to do wonders each time I'm on stage. It's always with pleasure that I continue to discover new applications. Congratulations for your creative talent.

Xavier Nicolas, Paris
Gold Nostradamus winner in 2014 (European Order of Mentalists).   

  Xavier Nicolas, France  Visit his website


Justin Tranz

   The Psychic Notepad 4 by Fabrice Delaure is the koolest impression device on the market today (2014), if you like electronic gadgets! This big boy toy is slick, fun, and easy to use! IMHO the PN4 looks legit, not suspect, and can be examined by the normal/average spectator without worry. This device gives you the illusion of having special powers. Thank you Fabrice! 

Justin Tranz, USA    Visit his website


Rodolphe Candela

   The strength of the Delaure's products is in its ability to propose us true toolboxes instead of simple effects. 

These tools are dedicaced to our creative and twisted minds.I wish to emphasise the care, reliability and professionalism that Fabrice brings into his creations. Thank you for all these wonders.

Rodolphe Candéla, France
Silver Nostradamus winner in 2012 (European Order of Mentalists).   

"Best European Mentalist" Finalist in 2014 (European Order of Mentalists).

Rodolphe Candela, France    Visit his Facebook


John van der Linden

  The Mini Whiteboard is my number one magic and mentalism tool ever!!

This would still mean nothing if I only own a few poor tricks... but I’m collecting special magic and mentalism devices for over 30 years, and I dare to say that my collection is enormous and it’s also specialized in electronic devices. I own or have owned almost every electronic mentalism devices in the world. When I say the Mini Whiteboard is my NUMBER ONE mentalism (and magic) tool ever, this really means a lot!!! 

 I just tested the Mini WB again and I was standing at about 12 to 15 meters away, still leaving a perfect impression. And I love that it is so small. The Mini Whiteboard really rocks and I really love it, period.

John van der Linden, Netherlands    Visit his website

ABOUT Psychic Clipboard 3:

Maxim Kretov

   Thank you Fabrice.
I got the Psychic Clipboard 3. I tested it in 10 shows and I can say that it is definitely great!
The audience is so amazed and they never find out how I can guess, 5 meters away, what they were thinking about. 8 times out of 10 I was approached to be asked how I knew what was written, and how such a effect was possible.

I can confidently say to those who are hesitant to buy such gimmicks: YES, go buy it, no second thoughts! You could really build up your reputation as a magician with it!

Many thanks Fabrice! 

 Maxim Kretov, Russia


Simone Ravenda

   Hello everybody! I’m an Italian mentalist who bought a very old notepad from Fabrice Delaure (the Psychic notepad) several years ago. It still works very well!

After my performances in “Italia's got Talent”, I wanted to have some serious stuff and electronic pads are for sure one of those. So I took this pad.

One day, I accidentally broke the lead (inside the pen). I was so so mad cause I still had a very perfect pad with a very perfect receiver and a very perfect pen, but I couldn’t used it because of the broken lead. It seemed to me like the silliest way to lose a very good prop…

In a panic, I contacted Fabrice who gave me all the help I needed for FREE. I sent him the pen back and he fixed the problem immediately. I’ve just received it after few days and it works perfectly. So I want to say thank you to Fabrice in public. He didn’t only help me with my very old pad which is now out of stock but he did it for free! I had a very big show in theater and if it worked good thanks to him!

He’s a real gentleman. I’m already thinking about ordering The Psychic Clipboard 3...

Simone Ravenda, Italy   Visit his website

ABOUT PC3 and its Submonitor:

Vinh Giang

   My name is Vinh and I am a magician, speaker, entrepreneur in Australia.

I have purchased products (Psychic Clipboard 3 with Subminiature Monitor, Psycho Magneto, Psychic Miniboard, etc) from Fabrice a while ago and purchased some again just recently !! I absolutely love them, the creativity is just wonderful! It really allows me to take what I do to the next level.

I highly recommend the products and I have to add that your service has just been amazing mate, thanks for always getting back to me within 12 hours!

From a happy and loyal customer. 

Vinh Giang, Australia  Visit his website

ABOUT Psychic Clipboard 2:

Serge Arkhan

   I have presented the Psychic Clipboard 2 during a television programme on M6 (most profitable and third most watched private national French TV channel) called Incroyable Talent (French version of 'America’s Got Talent') in October 2007, with a distance of about 33 feet between the Clipboard and the receptor. We all know that a television set is full of radio interference. 

It works PERFECTLY and in the most difficult conditions.

However, you need to hand it carefully, only use good quality batteries and change the batteries for each performance. Thanks to the Psychic Clipboard 2, I did great and it was definitely worth the price (I really impressed the jury - Gilbert ROZON, Sophie ELDENSTEIN and Patrick DUPOND) and I am qualified for the semifinal.    

   Serge Arkhan, France

ABOUT mini whiteboard :

Rhett Bryson

    In purchasing the The Psychic Miniboard, I am a first time buyer of products from Fabrice Delaure. I was initially drawn to this product because of its size (perfect for close-up and small group performing circumstances) and the use of an iPhone as a monitor/receiver. I also liked the fact that the mini board used normal ungimmicked pens and pencils. Other "impression" devices I own or have seen use pens that are a bit suspicious in appearance. 

Since receiving the Miniboard and accessories and having some time to work with it as I develop handling and routines I must say I am quite pleased with my purchase. The small size of the Miniboard is perfect for small group interaction and it neatly fits into a pocket – being about the size of a deck of playing cards. The initial setup takes a bit of time but subsequent connections are easy with my iPhone app. 

Whether you select to use the dry erase markers directly on the whiteboard or the Post-It notes and a pencil, the transmitted images are immediately available on the iPhone app's screen. I have found that I can have my iPhone resting in my performance area and it does not arouse suspicion and affords me easy access to the information I need to perform an effect of mentalism. 

The construction is elegant, finely finished and the unit is easy to turn on and off. The battery is easily removed and charged. It is apparent that a lot of thought and research and development went into the release of this item. 

I am very pleased with my Psychic Miniboard and know I will find many devious uses for it in my performances. 

Rhett Bryson, USA, Department of Theatre Arts, Furman University  Visit his website

ABOUT mini whiteboard:

Jörg Tragert

  The Psychic Miniboard arrived safely. Wow!

Its recognizing capabilities are the best I have ever seen. 

Now with the felt-tipped markers and the whiteboard in pocket size it is what I dreamt of from the beginning when I bought the 2 others Clipboards in the past years from you! 

Jörg Tragert, Germany

ABOUT Psycho Magneto:

Bernard Delatte

   First, I would like to thank Fabrice for this fantastic effect.

I tried it and it allows me to perform mentalist effects which weren’t doable with other products until now. I used more powerful magnets and I managed to reach a detection range of 1 meter.

I am happy to own this trick and I highly recommend the Psycho Magneto to any Mentalist. 

                                   Bernard Delatte, Germany

ABOUT platinum akana:

Steve Dela

   I recently saw a comedy mentalist (probably the best in the UK) do an effect using a Fabrice product (Akana) and he fooled the majority of the magicians and mentalists watching.

It was possibly the strongest effect I have seen in mentalism... that can't be a bad thing. There was an excellent presentation with this, which I won't explain because it is his! but the general effect was. He had a chest full of different items, one at a time people would open the chest, reach in and take an object out. They pocket the object. The mentalist told each person what they had and why they had taken it.

It was very well presented and fooled a lot of people. 

Steve Dela, UK   Visit hiw website

ABOUT psychic clipboard 3:

Veit Schafermeier

 The Psychic Clipboard 3 iPhone version is everything I liked about the Psychic Clipboard 2 and even more!!!

The more I play with it the more I love it! It connects easily to my iPhone and gives me all informations in real time. I tested it now several times and it never failed!!!

I´ll never leave the house without it! 

Veit Schafermeier, Germany    Visit his website

ABOUT psycho magneto:

Gunthard Pupke

   I got it. First impression:

The Psycho Magneto does what the ad promised. The online instruction video goes through all steps. Sleeves up and not touching the spectators hands. The distance is depending of the power of the coin. 

If you want the which hand and heads or tail effect, Fabrice’s solution is outstanding. 

It seems Fabrice is back with a splendid solution and reliable like his (soldout) Akana. 

 Gunthard Pupke, Germany   Visit his website

ABOUT mini whiteboard:


   I wish to thank Mr Delaure for the Psychic Miniboard, a magnificent creation. 

I am the lucky owner of this new version of the Clipboard. The size is a lot more handy and it never fails me! 
Every time I used it during my shows, it has always brought me sheer success.
Since I had the previous version of the Clipboard, here are the major advantages of this product in my opinion :

  • The innocent shape of this product reminds me of a white board for children (I actually present it as my daughter’s board),
  • Forget about alkaline battery issues, it works with your phone and a Li-Ion battery,
  • No more worries about breaking the electronic pen,
  • Turning the Miniboard on is incredibly easy,
  • No more management with the sheets of paper, any post-it will do the trick, as well as any pen,
I use it with an iPhone and the quality and the rapidity (instantaneous) of the data transmission is amazing (and everything fits in the hand of the spectator). Barack Obama used the slogan “YES WE CAN” during his presidential campaign, well you Mr DELAURE, you did it ! 

In short, you are the pioneer for that type of product and I highly recommend it to any magician who wishes to show real mentalist tricks. 

Nicolas the Illusionist, France   Visit his website


Bob Kabacy

   I purchased one of the limited edition Psychic Clipboard 2 book with DVD from Fabrice Delaure and have been thrilled from the moment it arrived. 

The book is professionally designed and easy to understand. The DVD is well filmed and adds explanation to the overall construction of the project. With only a basic understanding of electronics, I have successfully completed a fantastic working illusion for my show. The book and DVD explain each detail of what parts are necessary and how to assemble both the electronics and mechanics to make the illusion from start to finish. 

If you are into do-it-yourself and any form of mentalism as an art, this project is for you. It is rare that someone in a professional field tips his hat to such incredible secrets. Fabrice has done so in the most elegant and professional manner I can imagine. I have the utmost respect for his creativity and ingenuity. 

The limited edition book is sure to be a valuable collector’s item now and into the future. 

Thank you Fabrice. 

Bob Kabacy, USA

ABOUT OUR ebooks:

Aaro Sorva

  I've read the Psychic Clipboard 2 Ebook and I must say, you are quite genius.
The technology has reached the magic, but you Fabrice have been one ahead every time. 

Aaro Sorva, Finland   Visit his website


Craig Crossman

   Here are my solicited thoughts regarding Fabrice Delaure's products.

I've noticed that several people here as well as in other threads have repeatedly said something to the effect that the same effects can be accomplished via other, non-electronic methods. I agree. That's more than likely true.

BUT. What I would like to point out is that NONE of those other methods offer the FREEDOM one gets using the Fabrice devices. 

Craig Crossman, Palm Beach, USA   Visit his website


Brian Role'

   I would like to thank Fabrice Delaure for publishing "The Psychic Clipboard 2 'All My Secrets' " and sharing his work with those who would prefer building this fantastic item themselves. 

We must remember that Fabrice was the first person to create such an advanced effect when such effects were beyond the imagination of magicians and for him to share his work is a great honour. 

This book is a must for any mentalist or for those wishing to have just one mentalism act then this is it. The book itself is so easy to read, easy to follow and easy to understand as each step is explained in detail accompanied with high quality photos. Those who like myself are lucky enough to have obtained the limited hardback copies, are lucky to have a DVD which leaves nothing to the imagination and one can follow from scratch till end the fabrication of The Psychic Clipboard as if in real time. 

Even those with no previous in electronics can build this item from scratch by following the easy steps in the book and there is no questioning on where to obtain the items required for the project as Fabrice has given precise information on exactly each component and from where to purchase the supplies you require. 

When it comes to service, Fabrice delivered on time and has answered any question I had and also offered solutions where necessary making it a pleasure to communicate with him. I myself am happy to have purchased one of the limited hardback copies and am very happy with the product and even though I would like to keep this solely for myself, I do recommend this product to anyone who desires to wow people with their ability to perform one of the strongest mentalism effects in the world. 

Brian Role' M.M.C., Malte  Visit his website

ABOUT mental distance divination:


So we see all these electronic gadgets. Half the time they are noisy, too big, or some other madness. But these babies from Fabrice Delaure are wonderful! The wooden blocks look just like that 4 simple pieces of wood with 4 basic ESP shapes on them. You turn them over and mix them around. You can leave the room or just turn your back. 

The spectator just lifts up one and looks at it, then replaces it. He can move the blocks around at this point - since your work is done. You can predict or divine what they chose instantly. Beautiful, functional, and small - just as hidden electronics should be. 

Totally self contained - you don’t need to even look at the blocks to know what they chose. Neither do you need to peek at some readout in a transmitter - you could do this in your underpants with a blindfold on! 

Keep them coming Fabrice! 

Martin's Magic, USA   Read his complete review


   Thanks Fabrice this truly is a beauty!

This is the original version that looks much less like a magic box and more like a simple keepsake box. About a year ago I purchased this effect from Joe Stevens.

Fabrice Delaure is way more than the modern day Anverdi, his electronic magic is beautiful, foolproof, and so devoid of any notion of electronics it is perfect. If you have not checked out the incredible electronic magic of Fabrice Delaure you should do so - it is so amazing. 

I would like to thank Fabrice for his incredible talent - I am very happy to own this effect. 

Martin's Magic, USA  Read his complete review

ABOUT psychic clipboard 3:

   I wanted to buy the Clipboard 2 and Fabrice advised me to wait for the Clipboard 3 (which was under consideration) to come out. 

On the 22nd of October, I bought the Psychic Clipboard 3 complete version with Fabrice’s live explanations as a bonus. 
It’s a really magical, reliable tool that surprises me day after day. I own the complete kit with the independent monitor and I’m hastening to ‘link’ my Clipboard 3 to my iPhone. 

So, magicians and mentalists friends, do not hesitate and quickly buy the Clipboard 3. 

Bernard Lasseques, France

ABOUT lotto fortuna club, platinum akana & mystic ouija board:

Ted Orlando

   Let me take the opportunity to thank you for the effects I am able to do out of your various inventions.

This time I mainly do performances in the Far East, and there, "mentalism" is not that popular as nowadays in the West.

It it YOU, however,(or rather your effects) helping to make this change. Doing your greatly manufactured chipped cards, (within the other possible Akana effects and items) or the beautiful wooden Ouija Board, (openly displayed and handled without their suspicion) to transmit names,telephone Nos., or even small messages, (let alone the Lotto Fortuna Club, which I am proud to be among those few owning it), it is really a pleasure to perform these,being most impressive to the audiences! 

Next will be the clipboard to surprise my Asian spectators! 

Ted Orlando Hon.Member IMC, Germany