"ALL MY SECRETS! Vol 1" - EBOOK by Fabrice Delaure

  • "All my Secrets" by Fabrice Delaure
  • "All my Secrets" by Fabrice Delaure
  • "All my Secrets" by Fabrice Delaure
  • "All my Secrets" by Fabrice Delaure
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104 pages A4 format in english, 546 colour photographs

+ complete list of all suppliers with their addresses

This ebook does NOT include DVD. DVD content and processors are only available in the paper version.


Included in this book all references of the components, with the names and addresses of the suppliers

15 years of work and research have been gathered in this unique and extraordinary document. 
You will know it all on the making process of the modern mentalists' most advanced weapon! With all this information you can almost make it yourself. Siegfried & Roy, Derren Brown, Criss Angel, Luis de Matos, David Copperfield, Michael Weber and many others have improved this incredible effect for 15 years!

The Psychic Clipboard is regularly used for T.V. Shows or onstage shows. For example, it has been used a lot in competitions such as the French edition of 'America's Got Talent' or during several FISM and other international conferences.

Of course, this book was not only written for electronics amateurs.

The following methods are explained in details:

  • how to work wood (marking-out with a template/jig, drilling, cutting, collage),
  • how to use a stratified coating to decorate your illusions (drilling, cutting, collage, sandpapering and finishes),
  • how to use to perfection plastic (marking-out, disk-cutting, fettling, collage, finishes),
  • how to make a printed circuit step by step (insulation, exposure, etching, finishes),
  • how to recognise the components, prepare them, weld them,
  • etc.

This extraordinary document will teach you all the useful techniques for the Psychic Clipboard 2 in detail.
It has been conceived so that even the beginners can understand the methods that are used. 

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