MICRO READER 2 for Android only

MICRO READER 2 for Android
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Genius mental calculations,

Phenomenal memory tricks,
Mind reading and telepathy without verbal codes,

And much more!
All this blindfolded and without an earpiece!

"You want the cleanest book test ever made? 
You want to realize the most complicated and prodigious calculation ever made? 
You want to realize the purest mind reading effects? 
The Micro Reader 2 is a weapon of mass destruction."

Rodolphe Candela, France.
Silver Nostradamus in 2012, by the European Order of Mentalists.
“Best European Mentalist” finalist in 2014, by the European Order of Mentalists.


We are proud to present the second version of the Micro Reader. This ultimate mentalist’s tool, an extremely secretive transmitter/receiver, was developed by Fabrice 20 years ago in 1995. At the time, the Micro Reader 1 worked with a large laptop.

Today, the Micro Reader 2 can be operated by any Android phone or tablet (Android OS 6.0 minimum)!


With the Micro Reader 2, a backstage accomplice can transmit any written information (words, sentences, entire texts, numbers, dates, etc.) to the mentalist on stage. It is an ultra-small, invisible teleprompter (which can be hidden in the pocket of your jacket, in a case of playing cards, etc.) that allows you to discreetly read everything your assistant sends you.
You can now do tricks of genius mental calculations, demonstrations of book tests with any random book, effects of a prodigious memory (with no mnemonic technique), transmission of thoughts without verbal codes, and other tricks that you dream up!
The ideas are unlimited and depend only on your imagination. The Micro Reader 2 helped Rodolphe Candela win the 2016 Robert Houdin Gold Trophy. Dominique Duvivier was the first to use this mental bazooka back in the 1990s (Micro Reader 1), Gary Kurtz used it for one of his TV shows (2001), etc.  

Here are some possible tricks:

1- Reveal any transmitted alphanumeric information from behind the scenes:
  1. First names, last names, dates, playing cards, passport numbers, locations, etc.; and
  2. Read minds without a hint!

2- Calculate instantly and accurately numbers given by the audience:
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and complex divisions;
  • Raise any number to any power;
  • Extract the cube roots;
  • Sine, cosine, tangent, etc.; and
  • Give results of up to 6 decimal places!

3- Recite from memory:
  • Any book or normal dictionary;
  • 400,000 phone numbers and addresses from the phone book; and
  • You can even be blindfolded for all of this!
The Micro Reader 2 is in the form of a small electronic circuit with a 9-volt battery (8 to 12 hours of battery life) that easily slips into a Bicycle playing cards case. That same case can be hidden in the pocket of your shirt or your jacket, placed directly on your work table, placed in a hollowed-out book, etc. Hiding places abound! The LED display with adjustable brightness allows exceptional readability several meters away, if required.
Transmission occurs only from an Android phone or tablet via Bluetooth. A downloadable application (cost: about $5 USD) on Google Play allows you to control the Micro Reader 2 from a distance of almost 200 feet (60 meters)!
For iPhone or iPad owners, we offer a kit containing an Andoid Samsung phone + the application pre-installed and configured for $120 USD.
The application allows you to transmit words, sentences, numbers, dates, playing cards, and mathematical results as a TXT file. 
Its power is incredible!
The Micro Reader 2 is guaranteed for 1 year, parts and labor included.

Feel free to use the CONTACT menu above to ask any questions.


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  • Micro Reader 2
Android cellphone, tablet & Android Wear watches compatible ONLY (Android OS 6.0 minimum).

For Apple owners,
we offer a kit containing an Android phone 
+ the application pre-installed and configured
for $120 USD.

Micro Reader 2 Android comes with:

Online video instructions.

The 9 volts battery is  not eligible for shipment.

Spare parts and labor have a 1-year warranty.


  • Magie Magazine
  • Magie Magazine

Review published in “magie” magazine, Magic Circle of Germany, January 2015

"Micro Reader 2" by  Fabrice Delaure
Electronic Transmission-Device, available from www.magikdata.com, 
"What it is all about
Usually, I am absolutely against using electronic devices in mentalism – but when I took my first glance at Fabrice Delaure’s new gimmick I was immediately amazed by the endless possibilities this item offers. Imagine you get the chance, without any suspicious moves and without holding anything in your hands, to secretly read and reveal information of any kind your assistant transmits to you from backstage.
Be it numbers, words, names, playing cards, dates, results of complex calculations – anything you can imagine will be transmitted directly to the stage. You can even store your own texts so you could even perform your own book test with regular books.
A mega-clean Q&A performance becomes as easy as demonstrations of super memory. The gimmick is so small it fits into a regular card case and works flawlessly using a special app. Micro Reader 2 will be officially released at Blackpool 2015, but Fabrice will be offering more information and take pre-orders via e-mail as of now: info@magikdata.com
After all
If you own an Android smart phone and a reliable backstage assistant, you will absolutely enjoy using the device. You will be able to pull off unbelievable effects where only you own fantasy sets the limit. And all the other guys will envy you…"

Stefan Olschewski
Recommendable: * * * * * *  (6 out of 6)


The Micro Reader 1 has been used several times for different TV shows. This device has remained confidential for years.  
The Micro Reader version 2 is now available for every magician or mentalist!
Here is a video of Gary Kurtz using the Micro Reader 1 for his TV show « Just an illusion? », aired on M6 France in 2003.
Unable to see (…) or hear anything, Gary guesses a musical instrument and a song through the soundproof glass panel of the recording studio.

The Micro Reader is in his outside jacket pocket while Fabrice secretly transmits him the information from backstage.