Psychic Universal Pad
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We are excited to introduce to you to our new creation: the Psychic Universal Pad, compatible on Apple or Android mobile devices.

It can even work on your Apple Watch or your Android Wear Watch! 

Unique in the world, it acts like the Psychic Clipboard 4 but with a totally different design and it is even more powerful!


Designed to look like a 14” x 11” black table top, it is fully covered by a classy black felt cloth to imitate a close-up pad. The Psychic Universal Pad (P.U.P) works with a totally innocent electronic pen. 

You can use the PUP in 3 different ways:

  • INVISIBLE mode: As a pad hidden UNDER (or INSIDE) a close-up table.The spectator can therefore write on a sheet of paper placed directly on the table, without ever suspecting the PUP hidden inside or underneath,
  • TABLE PAD mode: As a close-up mat/pad for close-up or table-hopping,
  • READING STAND mode: As a lectern/reading stand board for stage.

In all three cases, the PUP will automatically detect the electronic pen on its upper surface. The pen’s detection system is so powerful that you can actually receive all the written information through a wooden, glass, plastic or stone table and up to a thickness of 1.4”!
Therefore, the Psychic Universal Pad can easily fit with your work table; on, inside or under.
The writing area is huge, corresponding to an A4-size surface (8.3” x 11,7”). The drawings can be really big and very detailed.
You can store thousands of sketches directly on your Apple or Android phone or tablet. All data transmitted via the Psychic Universal Pad is fully encrypted and secured, with a transmission range of 100 ft (30 m) without obstacles.

No telephone subscription or SIM card are required. Only the Bluetooth function is used. The Apple or Android phone acts as a single independent receiver.

You can also connect to the PUP using your Android Wear* watch, a truly revolutionary breakthrough which puts the key to this miraculous trick right there on your wrist!


  • Writing/drawing area of an A4-size surface (8.3” x 11,7”)
  • Goes through any kind of material (except metal) up to a thickness of 1.4”
  • Thickness: 0.39",
  • Size: 14” x 11”,
  • Weight: 1 lb 14 oz,
  • Apple or Android compatible,
  • You can hide the Psychic Universal Pad almost anywhere you want: under a table, in a large book, in a tray, etc.
  • Compatible with all sorts of standard paper,
  • Capable of detecting writing/drawing through up to 200 sheets of paper in TABLE TOP or READING STAND mode,
  • Fully compatible with Android Wear* watches,
  • Range of up to 100 ft (30 m),
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery,
  • Battery life of 4 hours,
  • Wireless induction charging,
  • Battery life indicator included in the application.

For any questions, get in touch via the CONTACT page.

*: It is also possible to add to your order our complete kit "Samsung or BLU Android + LG G Watch Android Wear + Applications installed, paired and tested" for $290 USD. For all uses with Android watches, please visit this link before placing your order (read our FAQ).

An internet or phone connection is NOT required to use Bluetooth!


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The Psychic Universal Pad works on all Apple (iOS 10.0 and higher) 
or Android (Android OS 6.0 and higher) smartphones, tablets 
or Android Wear Watches.

No Apple or Android device is provided.
No tripod stand or support provided.

Psychic Universal Pad comes with:

The Psychic Universal Pad (Apple or Android),
- Select your version when you place your order -
1 electronic pen,
1 induction charger,
1 US, UK or EU adapter,
Online instructions.

The basic application can be downloaded at the additional cost of about $6.00 USD.

Spare parts and labor have a 1-year warranty.



The APPLE "Psychic Boards" application developped by Jerome Bouvard is fully compatible with the Psychic Universal Pad
and downloadable to your iPhone or iPad through the 
Apple Store

ANDROID "Psychic Clipboard 4" application is fully compatible with the Psychic Universal Pad
and downloadable to your Phone or tablet through 
Google Play