Psychic Mini Clipboard

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The Psychic Mini Clipboard is so unbelievably complicated to assemble that

Fabrice cannot guarantee its steady production for a long time,
but he will try as hard as he can to keep it in production for as long as possible.

These are likely to go out of production at any moment!

This product can work on your Apple Watch or your Android Wear Watch!


Fabrice, original creator of the world's first electronic impression device in 1998 with his Psychic Notepad, is proud to introduce his latest innovation: the Psychic Mini Clipboard.

Extremely high-tech, ultra miniaturized, and very secure, the Psychic Mini Clipboard (PMC) has the appearance of a simple wooden board (Walnut) and is approximately 6" (15 cm) long, 2.5" (6,5 cm) wide and 1/4" (0,7 cm) thick and weighs only 65 grams (2¼ ounces). Your audience can examine it and never discover its secrets!

It is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to suspect anything. The Psychic Mini Clipboard is rechargeable by induction, has a battery life of 2 hours, and is Bluetooth-compatible with any Apple (iOS 10.0 and higher) or Android phone or tablet (Android OS 6.0 and higher) or with a SubMonitor 2 (an independent receiver available for all of our illusions). 

The PMC's range is up to 100 feet (30 meters) outdoor, depending on environmental conditions. You can also receive all transmissions of the PMC on your Android Wear Watch.1

The writing-sensitive area is about 75% of the surface of the paper provided. This writing area is managed like a center tear effect. Use any paper or small notepad in the correct format. The pen, which looks like an ordinary pen, has a battery life of 500 hours for writing (refillable ink and batteries). There is no potential double pressure issue with your fingers or thumb.

The Psychic Mini Clipboard is the only miniature electronic clipboard/notepad available in the World.

Fabrice is happy to share it with you today.

For any questions, get in touch via the CONTACT page.

1It is also possible to add to your order our complete kit "BLU Android cellphone + LG G Watch Android Wear + Applications installed, paired and tested" for $290 USD. For all uses with Android watches, please visit this link before placing your order (read our FAQ).


  • Psychic Mini Clipboard
  • Psychic Mini Clipboard
  • PC4 WOOD
  • Psychic Mini Clipboard
  • Psychic Mini Clipboard
  • Psychic Mini Clipboard
  • Psychic Mini Clipboard
  • Psychic Mini Clipboard

The Psychic Mini Clipboard works on all Apple or Android mobile devices
Works on Android Wear Watches.
Please select your model when you place your order.

You don’t need a telephone connection to use the Bluetooth functions,
which means you can use your PMC wherever you want – even 300 metres underground!

Psychic Mini Clipboard comes with:

1 Mini Clipboard (for Apple or Android),
1 ballpoint pen,
1 wireless charger,
1 USB cable,
Online instructions.

No Apple or Android device is provided.

Apple and Android basic applications can be downloaded for an additional fee of about $6.00 USD.

One year guarantee for parts and labour.



The APPLE "Psychic Boards" application developped by Jerome Bouvard is fully compatible with the Psychic Mini Clipboard
and downloadable to your iPhone or iPad through the Apple Store

The ANDROID "Psychic Clipboard 4" application is fully compatible with the Psychic Mini Clipboard.
and downloadable to your Phone or tablet through Google Play.