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Fabrice's Miniboard
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We are proud to present our new creation: the Psychic Miniboard.

After the success of the Psychic Clipboard 3 , which could transmit drawings and texts to your iPhone or your Android smartphone and tablet, Fabrice wanted to design a pocket version of his classic, and we are not talking about a kangaroo’s pouch but an actual shirt pocket! 


I will let you judge the ultra-miniaturization of the item:

The slate (sensitive front: whiteboard / non sensitive back: board slate) measures only 3.6" x 3.1" and is 0.5" thick (9,20 cm x 7,90 cm x 1,40 cm) and it weighs only 3 ounces (90 grams)!

Major innovations:

  • The Miniboard (which looks like authentic slate) is covered with a white Velleda sheet (front) that allows drawing or writing with a regular whiteboard marker (provided).
  • You can also write with any regular pen! A sheet of paper is no longer necessary anymore, but you can still add one on the board, (a Post-It for example). You can even borrow a ballpoint pen, a pencil, a felt-tip pen, a stylus etc, from a member of the audience! Or, how about writing with your nail! To write with? The detection principle has become tactile rather than inductive. So there no longer a need for an expensive electronic pen.
  • The Miniboard’s back (non-sensitive) looks exactly like a slate board. With this, you can perform many other traditional mentalism tricks.
  • The Miniboard can send your drawings and written texts at a distance three different ways to almost all cell phones and tablet computers in the world:
  • Either directly to your APPLE device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) through the WiFi.
  • Either directly to your ANDROID device (smartphone or tablet) through Bluetooth.
  • Optionally, directly to a Submonitor 2, WiFi or Bluetooth compatible (choose when you order).
  • Entirely secure, the data sent from the Mini Whiteboard reaches a distance between 52 feet (16 meters) with Apple and Android devices on clear land. 

No need for an internet or phone connection to use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth!

The Mini Whiteboard is supplied with a phone battery. It is easily accessible and is fully rechargeable in 4 hours on a stand-alone charger working from 100 to 240 volts (provided with the European, US or UK adapter according to your location).
The battery being removable, you can have a few of them and thus work all day with the Mini Whiteboard.

In short, Fabrice has entirely rethought everything as usual. If the Psychic Clipboard 4 remains the absolute reference for stage or lounge performance, the Psychic Miniboard will allow you to start Mentalism in Close-up, Table-hopping or Street Magic condition and in a completely unrehearsed way! 

Everything fits in your pockets, even with a borrowed pen if you wish to! 

Feel free to use the CONTACT menu above to ask any questions.


  • Fabrice's Miniboard
  • Fabrice's Miniboard
  • Fabrice's Miniboard
  • Fabrice's Miniboard
  • Fabrice's Miniboard
  • Fabrice's Miniboard
  • Fabrice's Miniboard
  • Fabrice's Miniboard
  • Fabrice's Miniboard
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The Psychic Miniboard works on all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Apple products, compatible up to iOS 9.3.5 - Read our FAQ. 

It also works on all cell phones and tablet computers with an Android operating system, such as*: 
Samsung Galaxy, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, HTC, LG Nexus & Optimus, ACER, Cherry Mobile, Docomo etc.
*Non-exhaustive list. 

No APPLE or ANDROID devices are provided.

Choose your version above.

Psychic Miniboard comes with:

The electronic Miniboard,
1 cell phone battery,
2 regular whiteboard markers (1 black or blue, 1 red or green),
1 piece of white chalk,
1 tiny pencil,
1 refill of Post-It sheets,
1 terry toweling,
1 battery charger,
1 US, UK or EU adapter,
Online instructions,

Respective applications can be downloaded at the additional cost of about $6.00 USD.

Spare parts and labor have a 1-year warranty.



The APPLE "Psychic Miniboard" application is downloadable to your iPhone or your iPad through the Apple Store

The ANDROID "Psychic Miniboard" application is downloadable to your phone or tablet through the Play Store