MAXI CHALKBOARD - for Apple or Android

Fabrice's Maxi Chalkboard
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"This is the best electronic board I've ever used."


"The most perfect and innocent solution to fit both my character's image
and my real world requirements on stage."


"As far as transmitting devices go this is the very best and the top of he line.
It is very well built and with care should last forever.



We are proud to present our exclusive creation: the Maxi Chalkboard.
After the success of the Medium Chalkboard, here is the version with a regular piece of chalk, close to the A3+ format! 


The Maxi Chalkboard looks exactly like an old school black slate (blackboard on one side, wood panel on the other). It is 16.5″ x 14″ x 0.8″ (42 cm x 36 cm x 2 cm) and it weighs a little over 2,2 pounds (about 1000 grams)!

The Maxi Chalkboard shares all the technical specs of the Medium Chalkboard :

  • One side is covered with a blackboard panel, which allows you to draw or write with a regular piece of chalk (provided).
  • In addition you can write with any regular pen! Just put a sheet of paper on the board, (E.G., such as a Post-It note) and write on it! You can even borrow a ballpoint pen, a pencil, a felt-tip pen, etc. The detection system is tactile!
  • The Maxi Chalkboard features three remote reception medium for your drawings or writings on almost all phones and tablets in the world:

- Either directly on your APPLE devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) via WiFi!
- Or directly on your ANDROID devices (smartphone or tablet) via Bluetooth!
- Or optionally, directly on a Submonitor 2, WiFi or Bluetooth compatible.

Make your decision when you place your order.

  • Entirely secured, the data sent from the Maxi Chalkboard reaches a distance between 52 feet (16 meters) with Apple version and 200 feet (60 meters) with Android version on clear land. 

An internet or phone connection is NOT required to use WiFi or Bluetooth!

The Maxi Chalkboard is powered by a phone battery. With an operating time is about 5 hours. It is easily accessible and entirely rechargeable in 4 hours on a separate charger working on 100 or 240 volts (provided with the appropriate European, US or UK adapter for your location).

With its removable and rechargeable battery, you can have several and work all day with the Maxi Chalkboard.

In short, the Maxi Chalkboard will allow you to choose your version of Mentalism (E.G., stage, table-to-table, street) in a completely unrehearsed way and visible from a distance! 

The Maxi Chalkboard works with a REAL PIECE OF CHALK!

Feel free to use the CONTACT menu above to ask any questions.


  • Fabrice's Maxi Chalkboard
  • Fabrice's Maxi Chalkboard
  • Fabrice's Maxi Chalkboard
  • Fabrice's Maxi Chalkboard
  • Fabrice's Maxi Chalkboard
  • Fabrice's Maxi Chalkboard
  • Kit 2
  • kit 1
  • kit
The Maxi Chalkboard works on all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Apple products, compatible up to iOS 9.3.5 - Read our FAQ. 

It also works on all cell phones and tablet computers with an Android operating system, such as*: 
Samsung Galaxy, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, HTC, LG Nexus & Optimus, ACER, Cherry Mobile, Docomo etc.
*Non-exhaustive list. 

No APPLE or ANDROID devices are provided.

Choose your version above.

The Maxi Chalkboard comes with:

The electronic Maxi Chalkboard,
1 cell phone battery,
1 box of white chalks,
1 board eraser,
1 terry toweling,
1 battery charger,
1 US, UK or EU adapter,
Online instructions,

Respective applications can be downloaded at the additional cost of about $6.00 USD.

Spare parts and labor have a 1-year warranty.

Gerry mccambridge'S TEASER

Gerry McCambridge, famous for his widely-acclaimed television show “The Mentalist,” has brought you hundreds of performances over 10 years in Las Vegas. He uses the Psychic Maxiboard 6 nights a week.

Now he shares with us his tips, presentation ideas and full live performance in an exclusive 25-minute video. We’re sure this will propel you toward your own great success!

We grant access to our clients only for the full video:
Click here to watch it, and type your secret password as customer.


Luc Langevin offers us a wonderful performance with the Maxi Chalkboard! French only. 


Docc Hilford is a leading authority on mentalism who has made tremendous contributions to the growth and development of this field. His capacity to create, his analytical skills, his engaging personality and magnetic stage presence are captivating. 

Today, Docc gives us a gift: he has compiled much ideas and suggestions about the Maxi Whiteboard into one video! Of course, they are applicable for the Maxi Chalkboard and the Medium boards. 

During one hour, Docc demonstrates the power of these devices unique in the world. 

We give priority to our clients for the full movie:
Click here to watch it, and type your private password as customer.

Enjoy the excerpt of this video!


Colin McLeod is part of the new generation of modern mentalists.
His endearing personality, bad-boy looks and highly relevant creations have made him one to follow. Giving conferences (MINDsummit, MINDvention, etc) and performances all over the world, we are proud to be able to share with you an exclusive private video in which he gives his thoughts and suggestions about the Maxi Chalkboard. 
They naturally apply to both the Maxi Whiteboard and the Medium boards. 
For 15 minutes, Colin demonstrates the power of our equipment, unique in the world. 

The full video is currently available to our clients only: 

Click here to watch it, and enter your private password  you received when you ordered.

Enjoy the excerpt of this video!



The APPLE "Psychic Miniboard" application is fully compatible with the Maxi Chalkboard 
and downloadable to your iPhone or your iPad through the Apple Store

The ANDROID "Psychic Miniboard" application is fully compatible with the Maxi Chalkboard 
and downloadable to your iPhone or tablet through the Play Store